Thursday, June 30, 2011


Ride NYC and see this guy if you are fast enough..

KTEL once again coming thru with a wicked EFNY Mix, THANKS YO!!!

Check KTEL and Chari Crew at this year's SKYSCRAPER

2011 HARLEM SKYSCRAPER CYCLING CLASSIC from chariandconyc on Vimeo.

Come on out to the Track Saturday, KTEL and Chari Crew will be Crushing.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Route Map, Check It!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stone Tone's EFNY II Mix!

Want to say Thanks! to Tone for being a huge help with this year's Fun Ride!!
Pic from Chari

Just like last year teams will be awarded 500 points for rolling with a tape deck boom box and we will be distributing exclusive mixtapes to rock your ride!!

Download Tone's 2011 EFNY Mix: HERE

Also come on out to the BFF Alleycat this Saturday thrown by you know who:
For updates keep an eye on NYMESSKINGS TUMBLR

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Checkpoint Roundup for July 2, 2011

Most of these are definite, may be a few tweaks before we roll. These are the main checkpoints, will also have about 12 bonus photo checkpoints to keep busy peeps busy!

8pm Meet at Brooklyn Roasting Company 25 Jay St. Brooklyn, NY
9pm Group Ride over Manhattan Bridge
Check 1: Paper Airplane Liberty Park at Broadway/Liberty St. NY, NY
Check 2: Tattoo Tuff City Styles 17 Essex St.
Check 3: Bunny Hop Grime 191 Henry St.
Check 4: Spin The Cube Astor Place
Check 5: Acting Lakeside Lounge 162 Ave B
Check 6: Team Time Trial Tompkins Square Park to NY Public Library
Check 7: Team Photo NY Public Library 42nd St/5th Ave
Check 8: Individual Time Trial 59th St Bridge
Check 9: Arm Wrassle Shannon Pot (by 23rd St/Jackson Ave)
Check 10: Wheelbarrow Race Brooklyn Fireproof 119 Ingraham St.
Finish! 6 Charles Pl. Brooklyn, NY (by Bushwick Ave/Myrtle Ave)

Friday, June 17, 2011


Want to shout out Fil and the whole crew at Tuff City!!!
They are offering up there Tattoo shop on Essex to support NYBMF
and host the Tattoo Checkpoint for this years Escape!
Also donating there Tattoo time will be Leaf and Dan Bones.

Please remember:
One Tatt per Team
Tip Generously
Sober People Only


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Working with Stone and a host of solid peeps who helped out last year.

Chrome Store NYC is hosting THE Velo City/Escape from New York Pre-Reg party!!

Friday July 1st at 238 Mulberry St. from 6-9PM. DJ/BEER/REG

Looking at starting in Dumbo. Have a good spot scoped out,
working with Brooklyn Roasting Company
who will be providing ice coffee!!

Have a finish party spot locked in and also the tattoo and bunny hop checkpoints!

Meeting this Friday June 17 at East River Bar from 7pm to 9pm to discuss checkpoints and deets.
Come on thru if you can, first beer is on me!

So far it's looking like:

Saturday July 2nd
8pm Reg
9pm GO!

Group Ride
Paper Airplane Contest
Bunny Hop
Group Photo
Individual Time Trial
Team Time Trial
Spin Da Cube
Arm Wrassle

Also extra points for BoomBox, Picture with Felipe, Best Costume, Best Mixtape and more..