Sunday, April 25, 2010

Minutes from April 18 Meeting:


Escape From New York, FUN RIDE MEETING.
In attendance: Victor, Stone, Squid

We talked through a rough draft of the event and then added ideas and started to sort locations and challenges. I am going to type out the notes and embellish as needed.

A lot of this is subject to change, input welcome from anybody!

Start in Brooklyn at East River Bar. It’s a great location, right by the Williamsburg Bridge. A lot of successful messenger events held here in the past.
Has a large outdoor space that can open up to easily accommodate many people and bikes.

While we plan to register during the week before the event we will do last minute registration and be distributing manifests, mission gear and last minute changes/instructions.

This event is going to kick off at 9pm sharp! It is a big production and a lot of volunteers are going to be working hard so you can have fun. I plan to start on time or at least within the hour. It is an action packed night and will be mad fun for everybody involved.

I am thinking we can do a group ride over the bridge to an LES park. From there we can execute 1st Challenge: TEAM TIME TRIAL!
Teams will ride together swiftly and safely from TBD LES Park to Liberty Park by the WTC site. Three of your team must finish together to get a valid time. An extra bonus will be added for teams that finish with all four riders together.


Before/After you roll out from this and every challenge you may be handed some trivia questions or asked to complete a random task. The trivia sheets can be handed in at the finish for bonus points. This will keep the competitive types busy and also gives the out of towners an opportunity to see more of the city.
Remember!You only have to complete the main challenges to finish the event and Escape From New York!!

2nd Challenge: Bunnyhop!
Location TBD although we have a great spot in mind. Spoke with Krillz about this and his crew will most likely host this challenge. One of your team will compete. You must clear a certain height to score a win. Top Hop will win a prize.

3rd Challenge: Acting!
One of your crew will have to re-enact a scene from the movie. Professional actors will be on hand to assist. This is a great opportunity to show your chops and flaunt your excellent costume! While best costume will be decided at the finish, a prize for best actor will be had.

4th Challenge: Team Photo!
This will be held at the Main Branch of the New York Public Library. Your crew will walk down the steps and get your photo snapped by one of our awesome volunteer photographers.

5th Challenge: Broadway Sprint!
One of your teammates will square off against another teams sprinter AND one of THE DUKES sprinters. That’s right, three up from 42nd to LES with a mandatory stop near 23rd St. Inmates of Manhattan Island Jail will be on hand to sabotage your ride with water balloons etc.

6th Challenge: Bike Polo!
3 of your crew will face off against a Manhattan Island Jail polo team of extraordinary magnitude. Or your crew will face another crew in sudden death play. Got to figure the details on this one.

7th Challenge: Tattoo!
One of your crew will be tattooed with an arrow that says NYC 2010 or something to that effect. Remember in the movie when Snake gets the crossbolt to the leg? Yeah you know what I’m talking about.

This is where we started getting hazy. Still some things we have to work on. Definitely going to have people ride over the ‘69th’ St. Bridge and also considering an arm wrestle and other challenges.

Thinking we will rendezvous in Queens and group ride to a killer party spot. Gonna need help with that one for sure.

Basically going to set up each challenge with a different crew/sponsor. That way no one is responsible for everything (except me I guess). If one challenge does not happen/get’s shut down it will not stop the overall party.

Want to offer prizes for top performance at each challenge also best spirit, furthest traveled and all that good stuff.

Also need to figure out how we are going to work the ‘rescue the president’ and ‘recover the crucial cassette tape’ parallels to the movie..

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