Monday, June 7, 2010

Minutes from last week's BBQ

Thanks to the crew that came out for BBQ last week, we did a walk through of the event and started assigning jobs for the night of.


Rethought the beginning a bit, we plan to do a group ride from the start to Liberty Park. Upon arriving your team will be assigned one of two challenges. We are splitting the crowd up early to keep things flowing and to avoid a ton of standing around/waiting etc.

Checkpoint 1A: Paper Airplane Skills
Checkpoint 1B: Acting Skills

Checkpoint 2A: Bunny Hop or Wheelie
Checkpoint 2B: Rollers or GoldSprint


Checkpoint 3: Team Photo
Checkpoint 4: Individual Broadway Sprint

West Village
Checkpoint 5: Tattoo
Checkpoint 6: Bike Polo (anybody want to help on this one?)

59th St. Bridge

Checkpoint 7: Team Time Trial

We are going to have multiple trivia questions and photo challenges along the way.
Carlos will be the main tech and we are going to have teams uploading photos to a live website from mobile devices (phone, etc.). Also, photos will be playing at the afterparty and we will update results from each checkpoint as they report.

Aside from the challenges we will be awarding prizes for:

Best Costume
Best Style
Team Spirit
Best Photo
Best DJ
Best Boombox
Furthest Traveled
More to come..

The registration will be our biggest project to pull off. Teams will register together at Heather's Squarebilt Raffle on Friday Nite, or at the Start location Saturday from 7pm-9pm.

Team Captain's will fill out the roster and pay reg fee for the team,
($5 per person).

Teams/Individuals will receive:

Spoke Cards
Rules/Extra Points List
Blinky Lights
Mad Shwag

We are going to need a big afterparty spot, preferably in BK/Queens, not too far from Manhattan. Let me know if you have any good ideas!!

Still working on the Boombox/audio tape angle, will keep you posted.

Ride Safe-


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